Kevin Underwood

Kevin Underwood

Founded in 2015 Kevin Underwood provides HNWI & UHNWI with engaging content ranging from luxury lifestyle to luxury goods and a direct look into the world of the HNWI & UHNWI. Kevin Underwood has a team of writers, as well as an expansive network of contributors from around the world who are considered experts within the luxury market and with access to the inner of the Luxury World.

In the course of only three years, Kevin Underwood has established itself as one of the leading resource for high-end luxury. Founder and Executive Editor Kevin Underwood and his team of writers, report direct of the HNWI & UHNWI hotspots.

Kevin Underwood is aimed exclusively at the HNWI & UHNWI. We pick up on the topics of interest to this people. We see ourselves as a link between the UHNTI’s and the luxury goods industry.

Discover the very best of luxury of the world of the HNWI & UHNWI. Reviews and news of the best destinations of the HNWI & UHNWI, hotels, private member clubs, luxury goods, resorts, restaurants and experiences, from the leading luxury bloggers, writers and influencers.

Kevin Underwood


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