Monaco Economic Board

Monaco Economic Board

Monaco Economic Board, Accompanying your ambitions

Monaco Economic Board (MEB) is responsible for promoting the Principality’s economy and plays an active role in its development.

Established as an association in 1999, MEB is the Monaco Government’s operational arm, and its priority is to provide services to the 500 Monaco companies who have chosen to become members.

The MEB is structured around two departments:

  • MONACO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE supports the development of Monaco companies on a local and international level, organizing activities and offering them a range of services.
  • MONACO INVEST seeks and supports foreign business organizations and individuals wishing to set up in the Principality.

As a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), the MEB is also the Monegasque National Committee within this global organisation.

With members drawn from companies, professional bodies and State institutions, the MEB Board represents all economic stakeholders in the Principality.

Monaco Economic Board

2, rue de la Lüjerneta
Athos Palace – Bloc A – 8ème étage
BP 653 – MC 98 013 Monaco Cedex
+377 97 98 68 68

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