Our Team

Gulshat Uzenbaeva

Founder & CEO

Gulshat Uzenbaeva is a private banker with ten years of experience in event management of all kinds; she has organised the most vibrant cultural events in Europe and is a marketing expert for the acquisition of international clients.

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Gulshat has a Financial background, having worked in the Banking industry for 8 years. From 2009 to 2012 she entered the political arena as an elected member of the Legal Affairs Committee, in the Youth Public Chamber of the City District Council of Ufa. During these years, she organized and conducted social and charity events, combining this role with her main job as Branch Manager of the retail bank, where she worked from 2005 to 2010. Arriving in the Principality of Monaco in 2011, she continued her banking career with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (Coutts & Co Private Bank), subsequently retraining in the Art business as a Gallery Director. Gulshat organized and managed a number of successful official, cultural, art, social and charity events in the Principality of Monaco, Switzerland, UK, Europe and Russia Federation, with up to three thousand attendees, including His Serene Highness, Prince Albert of Monaco, and other important guests.
Gulshat is a Brand Ambassador and writes articles for several life-style and fashion magazines and luxury blogs, as well as being a special guest at different International Film Festivals. Currently Gulshat is a Member of Monaco Economic Board and Founder & CEO of LuxPro company based in Monaco.

Contact: +33 631 470 470

Alexandre Gastaud

Associate Partner

Alexandre Gastaud comes from IT technology, before diversifying into communication and medias, to embrace more recently the business events organization with LuxPro.

Contact: +33 664 169 502

Alexander Johnson

Principal Speaker

Alexander Johnson is an international investor, businessman and visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford.

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Alexander currently serves as CEO and Chairman of Annandale Group, an investment company with interests in finance, real estate, media and food and beverages.
Born in the UK, Alexander grew up in both London, England and Kitzbühel, Austria. After an education that spanned England and Switzerland, he completed his undergraduate studies at business school and began his career in corporate finance.
Serving as a board director of waste-to-energy company Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, Alexander was cited as the youngest CEO of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It represented the first step into one of Alexander’s passions: progressive world-changing technologies.
Alexander has served as an IPO, acquisitions and Venture Capital consultant. Working with private companies and those listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and a number of US markets has given him in-depth knowledge of early to mid stage project development.
For several years, Alexander has been a visiting lecturer on Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford. The course offers a new angle on leadership using proprietary new training techniques. This unique perspective also forms the central pillar of Alexander’s regular work as a keynote speaker at conferences across the world. Additionally, Alexander also teaches a business growth strategies programme at University of Oxford for MBA students as part of an international business initiative.
Alexander is a supporter of a number of humanitarian causes. He has worked with the Royal Marines Charity to help with resocialisation programmes for Marines looking to find new careers after combat. He is also a Patron of the Serpentine Galleries.

Contact: +44 203 409 0962

Natalia Tarasova

Representative in Russia & Italy


Contact: +33 751 041 376

Ulviyya Taghizade

Representative in United Kingdom & Azerbaijan

Ulviyya Taghizade was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. MS in International relations and regional studies (Baku Slavic University).

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Worked at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Prague. Was participating in and organizing various charity and fundraising events under the umbrella of diplomatic corp in Czech Republic and Great Britain.
Volunteering with “Hear Woman Gargar foundation”, charity working on gender awareness and educational projects in Somalia, Gambia and UK.
Commitee Member and volunteer of Diplomatic Spouses Club Prague. During posting 2008-2013, was an associated member of Hallfield Primary School PTA, London, UK.
Member of the Board of Diplomatic Spouses Club London, Honorary member of Euroasian Women’s Energy Club London, Member of Spouses of Ambassadors “Art Club London”, Founder and Honorary president of Azerbaijani Women’s Association in UK, mother of two.
Using her own experience as a mother, knowledge from courses by KCA, as well as “Tripple P” and “Strengthen families Strengthen communities” parenting programs she created her own “Progressive Positive Parenting Program” what includes aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion coaching and it implementation both at school and home environment.
First Parenting workshop by Ulviyya Taghizade was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in December 2017, second workshop was held in London for Diplomatic Spouses Club London members. Third one in Baku, August 2018. Both workshops in Baku were held as part of “Little Yarat” project on “Yarat” Contemporary Art Space platform.

Contact: +44 756 259 7122

Inga Troice

Representative in Latvia & Baltic

Real estate developer, Interior designer, Management and organization in real estate and entertainment industry.

Contact: +371 29 497 790

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