Baranova Monaco

Baranova Monaco

Transform the energy of your genes into the energy of your life!

Renowned for her advanced knowledge of Genomics, Anti-ageing and her brilliance in diagnostics, Professor Elena Baranova, Europe’s leading expert, can now show you, by appointment, how to harness this knowledge and use it to change your genetic direction, leading to an abundance of youthful vitality that will transform your life.

Professor Elena Baranova is an international expert in genomics, anti-ageing and personalised prevention; EU Commission expert for: “Genomics, Life Science and Biotechnology for Health & Personalised Medicine, President of EU Institute of Personalised Prevention and Health, Monaco; founder of the unique approach “HAUTE COUTURE” PREVENTION® for personalised health, anti-ageing and beauty.

Her outstanding international career has been recognised at a very high level, including “The best scientific paper award” (World prize, Canada); “The woman of the year” (France).

As a result of her professional achievements, she has been invited to work and live in Monaco. She is an author of different international publications, books, presentations and the ultimate leader in anti-ageing, genomics and modern personalised health approaches with more than 20 years of experience in this sophisticated field.

Baranova Monaco

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