The Glam 2018

The Glam 2018

LUXPRO Monaco 2018, a milestone of B2B friendly rendezvous

Business networking in the form of cold face-to-face meetings does’t work anymore. Today networking is not about collecting contacts; it’s about planting relations. On this basis, LUXPRO Monaco 2018, at the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco, on Thursday 18th October 2018, offered a selected audience, coming from all over the world, the chance to exchange their ideas and learn the latest trends in business, wealth and luxury through a set of interactive case studies from highly qualified international experts from Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland and United Kingdom. All that accompanied by gourmet treats within the most glamourous Monegasque location.

Being held in various countries, including Switzerland, Russia, UK, LUXPRO is an invitation-only event for business owners, top managers and High Net Worth Individuals. This is an excellent opportunity to hear in-depth case studies and to gain insight into the latest trends in business, wealth and luxury.

LUXPRO Monaco arose from the experience of Gulshat UZENBAEVA, founder and CEO of LUXPRO Business Events Company. She has been acting for many years as a top level financial adviser, brand ambassador and luxury-sector author, based in the Principality of Monaco, organizing cultural, art, social and charity events with more than three thousand participants, including H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. However, what really pushed Gulshat to set up this special business-oriented hub? We had a chance to ask her in person.

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Gulshat, how did you come to the idea of LUXPRO?

Well, I have a financial background, having worked in the banking industry for 8 years. When I moved to Monaco I started to organize various cultural and charity events, combining this role with my main job in the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (Coutts & Co Private Bank), and subsequently retraining in the Art business as a Gallery Director. My friends often asked me to get them acquainted with other wealthy and influential people and I started to think about the high-level event, which would bring business community together. Working as a managing director of the retail bank allowed me to meet Sergey SANDER, my business partner, who has a relevant experience in premium property marketing in United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Monaco. Together we wanted to create something new and strongly requested at top-level management.

So what is the major idea of LUXPRO Business events?

The major idea of invitation-only business events is to encourage businessmen both to talk together and exchange views with experts in a peer review approach aimed at improving the relationship with clients who can even be shared by different companies, according to their needs. Wealthy people come here and exchange their knowledge, experience and what is very important — clients.

Your company is based in Monaco, but you held the events already in Switzerland, Russia and the UK. What other locations you would like to explore?

It is no accident that our company is based here since I do believe that the Principality brings many financial benefits that should be better known abroad besides the glamourous Monegasque lifestyle. But of course we are planning to develop worldwide and we are happy to receive a very positive feedback from all LUXPRO guests and that all participants come back to LUXPRO each time, proposing us new destinations like China, UAE, Japan and Turkey. That proves a win-win success!

LUXPRO is a by-invitation-only event, so how can one become its guest?

There are two options. Either you can become our partners, or our existing partners should invite you. The reason for this is the top level of our participants, who prefer to have business with people from the same social circle.
Another important speaker and moderator at this event we were happy to meet was Alexander JOHNSON — a businessman and lecturer at Oxford University in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. He was previously the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange and today he is a founder and investor in more than 30 companies across a wide range of industries, from technology to finance.

Tell us more about your educational programmes.

It was a privilege to be brought in to speak at such a prestigious university as Oxford University and at the same time, I realized the benefit to have excess to such amazing new generation of people. So the biggest motivation was the idea that I could start to train people at the university level and actually start empowering them. I am not an academic, I am someone who is out there building successful businesses and I try to give my students the real world training and knowledge that they can use in their work place. If you look at the recent training program that we did outside Oxford we ended up hiring 60% of the classroom into three different organizations which are part of my group.

What did you like the most about being the part of LUXPRO events?

Yes, so far I took part as a speaker in more than 50 events, I spoke in America, in Asia, in the UK and all around Europe and even in Moscow. But LUXPRO events is truly unique. It’s been a very important change that happened in over the last 50 years — we went from being very hard to get information to now being very easy to get all the information. There is a famous quote, which goes “figures don’t lie but liars do figure”, so you can’t really trust all the statistics you are given and the idea of the events like LUXPRO is that you meet specialists and get knowledge on a wide range of topics you can trust. The participants, the people who are invited, the speakers — they all are carefully selected to bring value.

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