Ucello Bleu

Ucello Bleu

Quantum Therapies, Advanced Stress Management, Quantum Esthetics, Biophysical anti-aging

Uccello Blu Concept represents a revolutionary approach in the fields of Quantum Therapies, Stress management, well beeing, prevention and anti aging.

Pr Eric Oquinarena, international expert in Quantum Medicine, has developed a multicentric diagnosis and therapy program, using the latest discoveries in biophysics, psychoneurophysiology, quantum biology and energetic therapies , designed to determine with great accuracy the best therapies to help you not only to feel better, but to reach your full potential, physically, psychically and intellectually.

For YOU, we have created personalized programs designed to improve your professional and personal life. For you and your staff, our « Stress Management Strategies » will improve your health, your professional efficiency, your energy level, will give you a better sleep, a wider view on all the aspects of your life.

Highly personalized because you are unique, each of our program will focus on Your personal specificities at physical, biological, emotional, psychological and energetical levels. With our High tech measure and treatment devices.

Be yourself a little bit more, Welcome to the future of Health and Well beeing.

Uccello Blu

Pr Eric Oquinarena, M.D, PhD, DDS
Via Vittorio Venetto 13
IT 18039 Ventimiglia
+39 345 804 9974

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